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                 PEST CONTROL FOR PA, NJ, & DE

Pest Management Services


Expel provides routine service to over 500 commercial businesses throughout PA, NJ &  DE. These business types range from Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Fast Food establishments, Apartment Complexes, Medical Facilities, Day Care Centers, Schools, Factories, Warehouses, Grocery Stores and any other business that requires routine service.  Expel can provide a vast number of industry-specific commercial referrals upon request for potential new commercial clients.

If you are interested in having your business inspected for a free quote click here.


Expel provides residential service plans and one time services to homeowners at prices well below the industry average.  Residential service plans are simple and straightforward with no hidden fees or cost.  Our programs focus on the exterior of your home where almost all pest come from and also allow for interior service if desired by the homeowner.


We also provide customized services for realtors throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey including Termite Certifications. We utilize state of the art technology, such as thermal imaging and moisture meters to locate conducive conditions and termite infestations which cannot be detected by the visual inspection method utilized by our competitors. To schedule an inspection or treatment click here.


Expel Exterminators have vast experience as specialists in the termite industry. We use only high-grade termiticides, which require special licensing. They utilize multiple application methods to fit your situation. The unique “Transfer Effect” means that affected termites pass the chemical on to their existing population before dying themselves.  Expel’s treatment is a low dose odorless treatment that begins working immediately and completely rids your home of termites.  Expel Exterminating Experts guarantees all treatments with a 10-year warranty. We offer the most competitive pricing and will not be undersold. Pricing ranges from $650 to $1800 on residences ranging from 1000 sf to 3000 sf.


We also pride ourselves on our ability to eliminate any and all bed bug infestations we come across.  Elimination is guaranteed.  We have performed thousands of eliminations since the bed bug epidemic started.  Our pricing is industry leading; you won’t find anyone better or more economic. We can eliminate the worst of infestations found in all residential and commercial settings.  If you are having bed bug issues, download our preparation sheet and call us to schedule your first treatment.


With over 25 years experience in wildlife control, Expel is adept at catching any and all wildlife. We enjoy the added experience of employees that work with animal rescue units as well. Whether your issue is squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, opossums, rats, foxes, stray cats, dogs, skunks or snakes, we can catch them all!